1. There is a green flower in my Spathiphyllum. Is this normal?

It is possible for a white flower to turn green. This happens when a flower is almost dead; the flower turns from white into green. This does not always happen but it is the natural aging process. Please do not forget the decorative value of this green flower.

2. I have owned my Spathiphyllum for quite a while now and there are no new flowers growing in it, now what?

The plant probably has not flowered for a while. The plant must be encouraged to do so. Therefore, temporarily give the plant a little less water than usual. If this does not help, place the plant somewhere else. As soon as the plant grows new leaves it will flower again after a while.

3. What do I do about yellow leaves and / or brown flowers?

You can cut off the yellow leaves with a pair of scissors. Brown flowers are usually easy to remove; if this does not work you can do it with a pair of scissors.

4. The Spathiphyllum leaves are getting dusty, what can I do about this?

You can rinse or soap the plant down with water. Preferably with rain water, this removes the dust very well. So put your plant outside in the rain once in a while! (Taking care it is not too cold).

5. The Spathiphyllum leaves are turning into a lighter shade, what can I do about this?

The answer is simple: place the plant in a darker spot and give it a little more fertiliser. You can also spray leave fertiliser on the leaves. In a while the plant will return into its darker shade.

6. How do I care for my Spathiphyllum?

Look at Care for tips.